Sync Command

Basic command-line of sync looks like [1]:

$ ciruela sync --append=local-dir:/remote/dir

This means:

  1. Connect to cluster
  2. Upload a local directory local-dir to a virtual remote directory /remote/dir on whole cluster (whatever machines accept this dir)

Multiple directories can be added simultaneously as well as multiple clusters.

There are couple of upload modes:

  • --append – add directory if not exists, fails if the directory exists and its hash doesn’t match currently uploaded one
  • --append-weak – add directory if not exists, but ignore if it exists
  • --replace – replace a directory on the remote system(s), this only works if directory configured with append-only of false

Each cluster specified is processed by the same algorithm, which is basically:

  1. Find three nodes
  2. Subscribe for notifications
  3. Start upload
  4. Wait for all notifications to complete

More details in How Sync Works. All of them are processed at the same time.

If you don’t have a common hostname for your cluster you may use -m instead:

$ ciruela sync --append=local-dir:/remote/dir \

This works the same but tedious to write and hard to maintain.

See ciruela --help for more options.

[1]You also need keys for upload. See Client Keys