Daemon Configuration

Default configuration directory is /etc/ciruela it’s structure looks like this:

├── master.key   # optional
├── peers.txt    # optional
├── configs
│   ├── dir1.yaml
│   └── dir2.yaml
└── keys
    ├── key-of-admins.key
    ├── key-of-gitlab.key
    ├── project1.key
    └── project2.key

More specifically:

a plain-text list of master keys for this server. Master key is that might be used to upload data to any directory. On production deploymejnts master keys are rarely used. Format is similar to authorized_keys of SSH daemon (just keys no parameters): one line per key, arbitrary comment a the end.
key files that might be used in configs, any key file may contain multiple keys (similarly to master.key or authorized_keys) and any of them might be used when this name is specified in directory config
a config per directory. I.e. if there is dir1.yaml, this means you can upload to /dir1/something.... See Directory Config for more information.
plain list of IP addresses and hostnames to distribute files too, only used/needed if --cantal command-line option is not specified.


All configs are reloaded only on restart of the server. Restarting should be seamless if doesn’t happen to often (if there is upload in progress, client should reconnect and continue gracefully).