Signatures are stored in /var/lib/ciruela/signatures. The structure of this directory somewhat replicates the structure of destination directories.

I.e. if you have a Directory Config /etc/ciruela/configs/images.yaml, which configured as num-levels: 1, and you have uploaded an image hello.123, you will have the following files:

  • /var/lib/ciruela/signatures/images/hello.123.log
  • /var/lib/ciruela/signatures/images/hello.123.state

First file contains just a log of signatures as they were uploaded or fetched from other hosts. The second file contains state of the destination directory.

State File

State file contains image hash and signatures:

signature_entry = [
  timestamp: uint,           ; milliseconds since the epoch when signing
  signature: signature,

state_file = {
  image: bytes,                     ; binary hashsum of the image
  signatures: [+ signature_entry],

See Signing Uploads for description of signature format